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Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE: Enhancing Construction Quality with Al Noor Trading LLC

On behalf of Al Noor Trading LLC, we are glad to welcome you as a part of our business as our main component is the quality of silicon sealants in the UAE. We will explain the advantages of silicon sealants in construction, why Al Noor Trading LLC will be the right choice for your supplier and how our products will help you to raise your projects to new levels.  

The Si-based sealants also play an important role in many sectors, especially in building and construction. Such materials are very necessary, whether for the sealing of threads, cracks and gaps, which also help to create water and air tightness. Whether the assignment is about fixing a home, a building, or an industrial job, sealants of silicon are important to confirm the structural integrity as well as avoid leak and draft issues. 

Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE
Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE

Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE : We Provide High-Quality Solutions for Every Application

With the quality of materials mirroring the outcome of a construction project, it is imperative that a proper selection be made. Low-quality sealants will drain pockets and pose a risk to safety, as they will also thus reduce energy efficiency. This is why a pro company is good, and a partner like our own reputable Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE,  Al Noor Trading LLC, is ideal; it normally delivers excellent products that meet the highest industry standards. 

Why Al Noor 

  1. Extensive Product Selection 
  1. Superior Quality 
  1. Technical Expertise 

5 Exceptional Characteristics

High-Temperature Resistance

The reason why our silicon caulk is different and stands out is for superior heat resistance compared to the others and thus ideal for kitchens and other places with temperature fluctuations. 


Developed to withstand various range of chemicals which are acid, alkali, and solvents, these sealants tend to resist corrosion and any chemical damage. 

Ease of Application

Manless of the user and ease of application, our sealants are ready to be applied with ordinary caulking guns which makes the installation process more efficient and enables hassle-free maintenance. 

Low - VOC Formulations

To preserve ecological sustainability, our products can be bought at the low volatile organic compounds (VOC) classification which ensures healthy indoor air while keeping eco-friendliness.

Wide Color Range

We manufacture sealants to match with diverse tastes of the target population and the designs of the buildings where they are to be used, with colors also as a choice in this wide range.

Opening the Door to Success: 5 Key Applications for Optimal Results

Window and Door Sealing

Our silicon sealants find multiple applications for the sealing of window and door frames. They provide insulation, and weatherproofing and blunt the sound waves. 

Facade and Curtain Wall Installation

Providing an ideal, through-bead and continuous line application, our sealants are used for sealing joints and gaps in facade and curtain wall systems. The result is strengthened structural integrity and improved energy efficiency. 

Expansion Joint Sealing

The silicone sealants in the construction of expansion joints can be used to seal discharge gaps that allow for joint movement eliminating lot penetration and, hence maintaining aesthetics. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Applications

Being full of watertightness, our joint and seam sealers work well for all watery spots in the kitchen, bathroom and others and this protects against water damage and moulds.

Industrial and Automotive Use

Petroleum-based sealants are used to prevent leakage in machinery and automobile components, such as industrial equipment, vehicle assembles and so on thus our silicon sealants give excellent performance in bonding and sealing.


Be it to the contractor industry or the architects, our silicone sealants’ quality deserves the trust of professionals as across the UAE they deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Select Al Noor the Silicon Sealants Supplier in UAE, Trading for your construction concerns and you’ll experience exclusively the quality sealants’ difference. 

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