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Al Noor Trading L.L.C has invaluable partnerships with foremost distribution brands, spread over local and international markets. This certifies that we can consistently deliver the recent technological ascents to your building projects, mostly in the glass and aluminum industries.

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Our Expertise

Crafting quality, Constructing faith

Our manufacturing distinction is anchored in our facility in India. From the preciseness of polypropylene materials to HDPE products and premium PVC offerings, our potentialities are boundless. Our extrusion blow molding and injection molding facilities are customized as per requirements.
Silicon Sealants Supplier in Uae

Why Al Noor Trading L.L.C is the world's best
construction partner?

Innovative Ideas

We’re continuously pushing the confines of innovation to carry you a cutting-edge product.

Global network

We’re your flyover to the world’s best construction materials.

Inflexible quality

Our dedication to quality is fixed, and make sure your projects are constructed to last.

Customization facility

Tailored solutions are available to your unique project requirements

Customer satisfaction

Our team always supports your success and every path of your way

Polyethlyne Foam Rods Supplier in Dubai

We are here to support you.

We assist you with any projects or inquiries as per your requirements.
Al Noor Trading L.L.C, is a distributor and wholesaler of construction products in Dubai, UAE. We give people confidence in our service, Build customer relationships, and equipped with excellence in innovations.

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